Render glycans and glycopeptides with fragmentation info. using the Symbolic Nomenclature for Glycans [SNFG]

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This software implements the Symbol Nomenclature For Glycans (SNFG) from the 3rd edition of the Essentials of Glycobiology. To use:
1.Type glycan or glycopeptide string in standard IUPAC-condensed nomenclature (Examples given below)
2.Change default options, if necessary .
3.Press "Draw" to sketch.
4.Right click sketch to save figure.
Follow the link below to download the standalone GUI version for PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. Instructional videos and program source code are also provided.
If you use this software, please cite: Cheng, K. et al., 'DrawGlycan-SNFG: a robust tool to render glycans and glycopeptides with fragmentation information', Glycobiology(2017)27(3): 200-205( Abstract & Full Text)
To report bugs or request additional information, please email Sriram Neelamegham (neel@buffalo.edu ) or Kai Cheng (kaicheng@buffalo.edu).
Last updated: 12 June, 2017.