Render glycans and glycopeptides with fragmentation info. using the Symbolic Nomenclature for Glycans [SNFG]

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This software implements the Symbol Nomenclature For Glycans (SNFG), originally from the 3rd edition of the Essentials of Glycobiology. To use:
1.Type glycan or glycopeptide string in standard IUPAC-condensed nomenclature (Examples given below)
2.Change basic and advanced options, if necessary .
3.Press "Draw" to sketch.
4.Right click sketch to save figure.
Follow the link below to download the standalone version with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) version for version for PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. Instructional videos and program source code are also provided.
If you use this software, please cite: Cheng, K. et al., 'DrawGlycan-SNFG: a robust tool to render glycans and glycopeptides with fragmentation information', Glycobiology (2017) 27(3): 200-205 ( Abstract & Full Text)
To report bugs or request additional information, please email Sriram Neelamegham (neel@buffalo.edu ) or Kai Cheng (kaicheng@buffalo.edu).
Last updated: 12 June, 2017.