Render glycans and glycopeptides with fragmentation info. using the Symbolic Nomenclature for Glycans [SNFG]

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DrawGlycan Release notes

9/30/2016: released Version: v1.0
         - Draw glycan & glycopeptides
         - Draw bond breakage on glycan & peptide backbone
11/07/2016: Changed program name from 'DrawGlycan' to 'DrawGlycan-SNFG'. Made changes to color usage table
06/12/2017: Added new SNFG symbols for 6dGul, 6dAltNAc, 6dTalNAc and di-deoxynonulosonates. Updated RGB color table
12/1/2017: Changed web implementation to speed up glycan rendering
10/15/2019: released Version: v2.0
         New features
         - Display monosaccharides with text at the center of the symbols
         - Blank(transparent) monosaccharide symbol
         - Display text instead of symbol for individual monosaccharide
         - Make a branch perpendicular to main structure
         - Different bond line styles (-BOLD, -ZIG, -DASH, -DASHB, -WAVY, -WEDGE, -DOUBLE, -TRIPLE)
         - Depict repeated units in glycan structure
         - Show adduct ions
         - Show anomers
         - Show ambiguous("fuzzy") structures
         - Compiled Java and Python packages for integration into other programs (requires MATLAB runtime)
02/18/2020: updated to Version 2.1
         New features
         - Software now accommodates ambiguous glycans and mixtures, using the new -POS and -VAR options
         - Changed ambiguous/fuzzy glycan brackets from curly to square
         - Constrained structures so that monosaccharide orientation is strictly maintained according to SNFG standards
         - Bond orientation number increases in clockwise direction